Motherhood’s Not For Punks

A Badass Bodacious Mom’s Guide to Self Mastery, Mindful Mothering, and Having it ALL When You Do It All…

Are you ready

to unleash YOUR inner BadAss?

In this book, you’ll discover:

Ways to release doubt and get your needs met so you don’t get lost in the shuffle

Ways to show up powerfully in your child’s life and lead by example

How to tune into each child’s individual needs and nurture their potential

The importance of community and support (Stop doing “It All”)

The single most important daily practice for setting the tone of your day

You can set free the confidence and the courage to live your best life! The Wisdom and tools for Awakening shared in this book provides exactly that!

This book offers easy to understand guiding principles for Awakening Mindful Mothering and Your Life. You’ll discover ways to activate a true sense of direction and stand strong in your own personal power. You’ll learn ways to release dis-empowering beliefs, and sabotaging actions. Free yourself of persistent, limiting fears, that block the view of what’s possible for you and your life, You’ll immediately gain access to more fulfilling relationships with your partners and children, clarity for empowered choices, sense of purpose, happiness, passion, and natural joy! 

But, best of all, you’ll no longer let energy-draining expectations run your actions. Instead you’ll allow your own purpose, passion and true desires to be in control as you experience more of what you want in life, relationships and success. 

This book will help you REMEMBER who you really are, OWN your personal power, GUIDE you in practicing impeccable Self-Care and expose you to the philosophy of Self-Full Mothering, rather than Self-Less Mothering!” 

Come out of hiding. Stop dimming your light to make others feel comfortable. Stop questioning. Stop making life harder than it has to be. Stop getting in your own way. You’re not just a mom. You’re a Goddess! You are Powerful beyond belief! You are Mother Earth! You Give Life! You are a Creator! You are a Leader! You are a Visionary! Your presence shifts energy and transforms lives! You are a contribution with Who You ARE in the world! The World is waiting for you!

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Awakening Life Audio

Imagine that right NOW – in this very moment – you can set free the confidence and the courage to live your best life!

The Awakenings by Patrina Wisdom provides you exactly that! In three easy to understand guiding principles you’ll discover ways to activate a true sense of direction and stand strong in your own power.

Wisdom’s Guide to Mindful
Living From A to Z

Mindfulness is a practice of being present. Present to what’s happening in your body. Present to your feelings and how you are affecting others. Mindfulness invites you to acknowledge the beauty that exists in your life now, rather than being stuck on the things that happened in your past or worrying about what will happen in your future


Throughout this book I have provided contemplative questions and exercises that will assist you in your Awakening process. Complete your worksheets and revisit them as many times as you need to gain clarity.

Violet Flame Meditation

A great go to meditation to assist in bringing peace and healing into your consciousness.

This Violet Flame Meditation can be used to transmute and uplift your energy field. This powerful meditation will assist in dissolving lifetimes of unresolved, unhealed energies with love and light.

Who Are You Meditation

This beautiful meditation will assist you in strengthening feelings of self-love and remind you of who you really are. It is an offering from me to you that will encapsulate you in the nurturing energy of connection with the Goddess that you are and bring you back to the oneness of unconditional love.

Share Your Motherhood Story

Mom’s, we know you have the world on your shoulders and sometimes, your self-care is the last thing on the list. We want to honor and bless you. Share your Motherhood story for an opportunity to win a spot to my next Pure Abundance Belize Retreat, October 2023. Click the link below and share your story. Winner will be announced May 2022

What People Are Saying About Motherhood’s Not For Punks

“Inspiring, heart-breaking, soul-opening, and badassery-inducing. Patrina’s personal story is an example of courage in action. Her voice is a gift to mamas. If you feel alone, frustrated, scared, or stuck on your journey, this is a woman that will speak to your heart and support the fullest expression of you.”

Christina Dunbar


Motherhood is the ultimate journey of selflessness and self discovery. In your pursuit of having it all and doing it all, you may lose sight of who you are and what YOU need. Enter this book. Part personal memoir, part self help action plan, consider this your conscious crash course in getting back to you while loving your kids

Lisa Steadman

Best selling author and #ImposterMom,

Patrina has beautifully woven together her own transformational journey, lessons to be your most brilliant self as a woman, and tools to consciously raise your children in a holistic guidebook for women who are looking for inspiration and hope in their journey through motherhood. You will be blown away by what Patrina has gone through! A must-read for any mom just starting out, mom looking for a pick-me-up, or mom who wants to take herself to the next level

Tanya Lynn

Author of “Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader”,

I love this book so much! It’s like your secret guide to living empowered, for organizing your life in a way that works for you. Patrina has a gift in explaining things so you get it in a whole new way that contributes to seeing other possibilities. Her captivating story is inspiring and what have you see what else might be possible for you. This is a must read for any super mom!

Cory Michelle