Activate Your Life Of Pure Abundance

I create sacred spaces to help women break the cycle of struggle, fear, and financial scarcity, and embody a life of pure abundance.

Fulfillment and Achievement
 Through Mentorship

Melissa V. Andrews

Fitness & Raw Vegan Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Patrina during the beginning of my career transition. She helped me not only realize my worth and value in what I wanted to do (fitness and educating others on compassionate living) she taught me the importance of being gentle with myself (calming the negative self talk in my head) and showing love and care to myself (quiet time, crazy dance, journaling, massage, meditation, etc) and that when practicing these things, each day will bring more peace and balance to my life. And it has! I’m no longer strung out and overwhelmed all of the time.

John S Reese

Real Estate Broker

I have worked with Patrina in a coaching relationship for the past year. Personal and professional coaching is not new to me; I have worked in the past with coaches to improve my professional and personal attributes. Patrina has wonderful persona, positive energy and unique insight into her client’s needs and changes. I appreciate Patrina the honesty in her interaction with my coaching, relaying on her integrity was key to our ongoing work and the progress that was I have made career and personally. Commitment and trustworthy are additional factors in the coaching relationship that lead to my success. Driving my goals to achieve the Executive’s Circle Award with Intero. Her skills work magically, and that is what I was looking for in a coach. I appreciate trust and admire in high regard, the time and investment spent with Patrina Wisdom. Overall, Patrina is a great asset to anyone willing to take the next step in finding their dream, discovering their true possibilities and living a successful life. I definitely recommend her to be your coach.

Rachel Scrambray

Mompreneur & Financial Professional 

Wow! What a transformation I am no longer holding myself back. I am much more confident and have made selfcare a priority. I am taking better care of myself physically and mentally. I have learned to accept that this thing called life is a process and to be patient with myself and others as we grow, change, and achieve our dreams. I’m so much more mindful and aware of all things in life. I feel more at peace and calm, not as stressed as I used to. I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through this process, giving me a look back to see how far I’ve come and encouraging me to get the future I deserve.

Augusta Massey, Esq.,

Massey & Associates Law Firm

Patrina is a life changer! I came to her at a pivotal point in my life, where I was at a crossroads in my personal life, and looking to start a business. Patrina rescued me from that scared, confused, frustrated person I had become and awakened the true me.Through her powerful coaching, I emerged on the other side with more clarity, deeper vision, and a mission to fulfill my financial, personal, and spiritual destiny. Thanks to you, my firm was born. I have two lovely kids. And I am living the mompreneur lifestyle.


Women and Money Facts

I help women break the cycle of struggle, fear, and financial scarcity and embody abundance

6 Step Wisdom System




Access Abundance

Here’s 4 ways I can support you

Living Room Wisdom

Living Room Wisdom “Where Your Story is Your Glory” In this podcast Patrina highlights stories of resilience and triumph to Lead, Inspire, and Support you in creating a happy, healthy, and abundant life of your own! New Episodes Released Every Wednesday on Anchor, Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and all other Podcast Platforms.

Pure Abundance Reclamation Program

A 1 year long mastermind Community, abundance activation & lifestyle design for busy moms and Entrepreneurs

  • Awaken your true soul expression
  • Banish Imposter Syndrome
  • Create healthy work-life balance
  • Strenghten your boundaries
  • Reimagine your life
  • Gain access to 1-on-1 mentoring with me and my community of experts , so you can see positive change and momentum in your life.
UnF*ck Your Money Mindset Course

It’s time to stand in your personal power. Break the cycle of struggle and financial scarcity and embody abundance. So that you live your Badass Bodacious Life

The Unf*ck Your Money Mindset course is for women who are ready to play bigger, reprogram their beliefs, and release the disempowering narratives that keep them in struggle, scarcity, and operating within the confines of the status quo.

Pure Abundance Retreat

As a busy mompreneur, I know how difficult it is to get the space needed to focus on yourself.

I love creating nurturing containers of safety, self expression, self love, acceptance, and transformation in my retreats.

Join us in my Soul Country of Belize for a healing and expanding 6 days and 5 nights in paradise. A time for Sacred Self-care, childlike play, healing , and unlocking the abundance you deserve.

"Money is Goddess In Action"

-Patrina Wisdom

6 Identifying Principles of a

BadAss Bodacious Entrepreneur

The BadAss Bodacious Life Movement is all about integrating ALL parts of yourself, owning your worth, total self expression and unapologetically creating your BadAss Prosperous Life!

She moves at the speed of inspiration

She doesn’t take NO for answer.

She’s unapologetic about who she is.

She is fully self expressed.

She is playful & sexy.

She is making a difference with who she BE in the world.

Patrina Wisdom

Abundance Activator | Best Selling Author | TedX Speaker | Podcaster

Patrina is a firm believer in the potential of every woman and is committed to facilitating their development toward their fullest potential.

Patrina Wisdom is an Abundance Activator, Bestselling Author, Financial Expert, Educator,  Podcast Host, and Founder/Host of Pure Abundance Retreats in addition to being an all-around badass mom.

This TedX Speaker is on a mission to LEAD, INSPIRE, and EMPOWER women to Stand in Their Personal Power and Create their Best Life!

After processing the sudden death of her husband of 20 years, who committed suicide in 2009, and finding out the same day that she was pregnant with her fourth child, Patrina took her personal story and decades of experience as an entrepreneur and fearless business leader and began the process of creating her brand, The Badass Bodacious Life Movement. 

According to Wisdom, “to live a Bodacious Badass life” means “to own your truth and to take up space through total and unapologetic self-expression.” Her movement teaches women all over the country how to be the CEO of their own lives.

Patrina is the founder of Pure Abundance Inc , which creates programming and retreats to promote embracing one’s whole self, knowing one’s value, letting one’s true self shine through, and living one’s best, most successful life without apology.

Patrina is a well-known and respected speaker for women, and she has presented at a number of conferences on the subject of the significance of wellness, abundance mindset, and mindfulness. Wisdom’s talks  inspire  women to release a scarcity mindset and lead lives that are healthy, abundant, and well-balanced. A message that resonates long after her talk has ended.

Patrina is most proud of the sacred space she has created for women at her  Pure Abundance Retreat that she hosts annually in Belize. The purpose of this retreat is to create a strong support community and assist women in breaking the cycle of struggle, fear, and financial scarcity so that they can embody a life of pure abundance.

Patrina  is deeply passionate about showing women how to unlock their full potential, achieve long-term fulfillment, harmony, and peace of mind in all aspects of their lives. She does this by guiding them through her 6 Step WISDOM System for  personal growth, spiritual attunement, and financial growth.

Wisdom’s work  is transforming the lives of mothers and burnt out entrepreneurs from stressed  to blessed, tired  to inspired, and challenging to joyful.

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Unleash Your Inner BadAss

The Badass Bodacious Life Movement is transforming Mom’s lives from stressed to blessed, tired to inspired, difficult to Joyful!

What People Are Saying

Patrina has helped me to be more focused and confident so that I can boldly pursue my innermost dreams and make them a reality for my life

DeAndre Green,


Since my divorce, I have major life changes that I did not know how to handle for the most part.

Patrina has been able to guide me in such a positive direction. I have learned more about myself than I have known my entire life.

I have regained my power as a woman, mother and business owner.

Alexandra Lee,

 Mortgage Consultant

Thank you for stepping into your purpose so that I can finally step into mine without fear, hesitation, or any other limiting thoughts.

Marisha Dixon,

Creative Director

Motherhood’s Not For Punks

A Badass Moms Guide to Self Mastery, Mindful Mothering, and Having It All when you Do It All!

In this book you’ll discover:

  • Ways to release doubt and get your needs met so you don’t get lost in the shuffle
  • Ways to show up powerfully in your child’s life and lead by example
  • How to tune into each child’s individual needs and nurture their potential
  •   The single most important daily practice for setting the tone of your day
  •   The importance of community and support (Stop doing “It All”)

Patrina Wisdom

Transformational Speaker

Patrina Wisdom is redefining the meaning of Badass for a new generation of women entrepreneurs. Patrina is available as a keynote speaker and can discuss a variety of Badass Topics including:

  1. Abundance is your Birthright
  2. Motherhood’s Not For Punks
  3. Victim to Victor
  4. Unlock Your Money Mojo

It’s your Birthright to live with passion and purpose!

Give yourself permission to awaken to the courage and confidence to live your best life.